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4 Responses to More Architectural Details

  • I think you are 100% correct that Guardian is steel frame, I know there are photos of it being built, and its got the classic skyscraper skeleton.

    The ‘deco monster’ tiles are fun ! Not a new thing, its an established style of graffiti. Our area lacks creativity in that field at times.

  • Sweet shots of the Guardian (it was the guardian at the top right?). I was just reading ‘At Home’ by Bill Bryson where he talks about brick as a building material, stating that it didn’t work for anything much higher than a dozen or so floors. I believe the guardian is a steel framed building, so not fully brick, but I always thought it really worked!

    BTW I saw a couple of those little Deco monster tiles at the top of the Dequindre cut before I left. Any idea what gives? New form of tagging?

    Semper fi :)

  • Thanks john – I gotta get you a scan of that building behind 63 Alfred still, been busy over holiday with what-not.

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