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Awesome castle building – former residence, former bed and breakfast. Architect: Louis Kamper, 1898. Style: crazy ass castle !

530 Parkview southeast of East Jefferson in the prestigious Berry Subdivision.

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It looks like Honest John’s restaurant is occupying the carriage house as evidenced by their vehicles parked in the back.

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  • Thats awesome, Todd. Seems a great many of the large homes were subdivided in later periods throughout the city. I was a little kid, but I do remember how Jefferson was back in the mid and early 1970s. When you could park on Jefferson and watch the fireworks over the river sitting on the grass. That is the Renaissance Center now, of course. I bet the Marvin Stanton home could tell some amazing stories if those walls could talk ! Fortunately there are still some memories of those good days. Hopefully with all the recent development there will be good times in the future now, too.

  • I lived at the “castle” and was the manager for 5 years before the bed and breakfast. It was divided into 15 apartments at the time. 1976 to1980 was a revered time for me. I maintained a happy group of residents. We had x-mas and boatrace parties and a community garden. We could climb a rope ladder from the 3rd floor “ballroom” to the roof to view Lake Sinclair, Canada, Peach Island,Belle Isle, of course, and the rennassance center and downtown to the south. The fourth of july fireworks were awsome from up there. The spirits from the past that inhabited the mansion were kind to me for maintaining a harmonious atmosphere for those who resided there! I was blessed to have experenced it before moving to Palm Harbor, FL.

  • The neighborhood is back and this great castle is getting the love it needs to make it through this and the next century

  • Wow Jaime – that sounds like an incredible place to get married and have a party !

  • I got married here in on February 14, 1994 when it was The Blanch House. It was an amazing venue and we had it for the entire place to ourselves for 2 days, it was quite a time!

  • A masterpiece! God bless our urban castles!

  • You know, the more I look at this beauty, the more it is crying out to be done in LEGO. You’d have to use a significant amount of castle parts in this build, though.

  • This old dame is akin to the Whitney and the Hecker House (Smiley Bros) on Woodward. Should be treated as such, but the hood doesn’t support that yet.

    Back in the day, the guy who lived here could walk out his back door, step on his yacht and sail all the way to the ocean via the Great Lakes system and the St Lawrence Seaway. Pretty damn cool for back in the pre-jet age.

    That has Hecker and Whitney beat by a long shot.

  • Oh God, PLEASE don’t let this become the next Slumpy.

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