not all those who wander are lost

8 Responses to Many more signs

  • yeah -it looks like the dog from blues clues, but it aint blue.

  • I think Goofy is offering something a little stronger than candy – check out the de-limbed dog floating by…

  • I did not touch the condom – yeeeeeachh. Ill do some stupid shit for a photo, but even I have limits !

  • I have attended church at 4150 Chene after meeting Rev. Robert B. Jones, here in Kitchener. We were the only two white people at Sweet Kingdom Missionary Baptist Church that Sunday, but they welcomed us with open arms. Never been to a church with a drummer, hammond organ, grand piano and a 15 person choir before.

  • Please tell me that you found the condom in that position and did not place it!

  • OMG the man hole cover pic is priceless!

  • I dont know either, was hoping somebody could tell us. They are from MDOT – I think they are for helicopters ? Maybe they are for the Predator Drone that buzzes the neighborhood almost daily.

  • Does anyboby know what those big yellow and black Xs are on the street? I see them all over the place in Harper Woods.

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