not all those who wander are lost

The Macomb County Building in Mount Clemens. This building has absolutely far out sculptural details. Contracted for construction by the Otto Misch Company on March 13, 1931. Designed by George J. Haas.

Year built: started in 1931

Partially occupied in 1933

Substantially finished in 1944.

Height: 13 stories, rising 219 feet above street level

Cost: $605,000

The top of the structure is ringed by heads of military personnel such as air force, navy and marines – but also of a Revolutionary War soldier and an American Indian. [Funny how we love to celebrate the people who were conquered and killed by putting up statues and naming streets and states and cities after them.] The sailor and marine face Cass Avenue, and the soldier and air force gaze toward Selfridge Air Base.

Also represented are the mighty American Bison.

On the facade of the building we have two striking reliefs – one of Justice

And another – an architect ? Perhaps this signifies a lawmaker.

The plaques that ring the building are just as fascinating – a water bearer

A surveyor

A sailor

And the reaper. Simultaneously signifying abundance, and death.

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