not all those who wander are lost

One month into Spring here in North America, and what the hells going on anyway ? We are getting blasted with several inches of snow.

The face of St Stani plastered with the bastard white stuff.


5 Responses to Lousy Smarch Weather

  • Nice meeting you too.. Told you I get a sad comment in somehow and Mother Nature made it so darn easy…

  • This is all sad but true. At least I am not the only witness to the madness…

    Looks like the beast has grown by 60 lbs over hibernation.

  • Come on! It at least keeps dFUNKd’s crazy neighbors inside the Sheol.

    And it prevents Lady Lazarus from wearing spandex and athletic bras outside. The screams are also not as easy to hear.

  • Bwahahahahahaha !

    you kill me DMel. Nice meeting yesterday, had fun. See you guys again soon I hope.

  • Makes one sad.. doesn’t it?