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The unvieled “SANDERS” signage in the Louis Comfort Tiffany mosaic in the Sanders building.

Here are the buildings being discussed, the Sanders is the shorter structure on the right, the Donovan is the taller limestone structure on the left. Both were transformed into Motown World Headquarters in 1968. They were joined on every level, and both served as studio, mixing, mastering, and office facilities.

Sanders was being prepped for restoration, but the owner backed out. The decision to demolish came very recently, and attention turned to salvaging the priceless Tiffany glass mosaics that adorn the facade of Sanders.

The big guy on the left is the man responsible for saving the Tiffany mosaics for the Detroit Institute of Art. He is also working on most of the Merchants Row facades, as well as many of the Brush Park developments. He had to clear a colony of 20 squatters from Sanders before he could start work inside. The squatters attempted a barracade on the stairwell to fotify their position. DPD were brought in to sweep the building finally. After that, rear egress to both buildings was bolted, and then welded shut with steel banding.

Inside Sanders we see a large intact portion of the Tiffany mosaic. Most parts are coming intact, but the actual title portion of the mosaic is studded with lightbulb sockets, so that is coming out in little chunks.

Heres a portion of original lobby tile on the interior.

The restaurant area and balcony are all but melted into disgusting goo. Nearly undistinguishable.

And now some details of this incredibly gorgeous mosaic work – Deco lotus patterns. Just stunning.

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