not all those who wander are lost

I accidentally stuck LOAF with the wrong crew in my prior post, so heres some loafbombs to make up for the f-up. Im not always sure of the affilations with these folks, so please excuse any future mistakes.

I think all these guys are associated with LOAF…

6 Responses to LOAF

  • delightful!

  • Agreed JMack- its some good shitt. The world needs to see all these painters. Im on a mission !

    At least your DirtySouth is warmer than our GreatWhiteNorth.

  • Damn. That is some nice art. Those people have a great sense of design. Thanks for shooting it and bringing it to us down here in the graphically challenged Dirty South.

  • Right on !

    Thanks phil and everyone at CourtTV..

    Just one guy here at the northern basecamp…

    One crazy guy with a camera and insomnia.


  • Glad to see the site is coming along. I enjoy the stuff you do, put your link on Court TV for others to see. You guys (or girls) have a lot of talent. Nice, nice.

  • F.B.S. cru niigga what, big ups to assgay I mean ashtray. No offence taken Detroit Funk Turbo Travis said you are straght