not all those who wander are lost

Back to the Lafayette Building for a closer look at some of the craziness popping up there….

Ok – heres the REAL vandalism – these godawful murals that wrap the sidewalk level of the structure. Its like the guy is painting with his ass or something. Are these the same murals as the football ones on the Met ?

3 Responses to Little Green Fyvs

  • I dunno DFunk, that last mural borders on the ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ line. I mean it got your attention, right? I think it has an early Gramma Moses feel to it. The blending of the antlers into the tree line painting border, the primitivist fish atop the water, not just the fawn but all the herd is spotted, a total flattening of perspective… Random thoughts.

  • A group of kids huh ? Hmmm..Interesting, but it sure seems too much of an uniform style across all the walls to be more than a single person. Have to look into that.

    Check out the Woodbridge mural thats at the corner of Mack and GrandRiver – THATS by a group of kids with mentorship..Pretty cool. (i’ll have a post of that tomorrow)

  • I’m pretty sure those murals were done by a group of kids. I know for a fact the ones on the Michigan side were. The Lafayette is one of my favorite buildings…