not all those who wander are lost

These are the figures that are in the archways of the Lawyers Club building in University of Michigan’s Law Quad.

( And for jdg at sweetjuniper, I promise that this is our last day in the Law Quad… Im afraid dude is going to start having bar exam flashbacks ! )

This is the vaulted ceiling of the main archway

4 Responses to Law Quad Grotesques

  • The Detroit one. But thanks for the link to the A2,also nice digs. He sure could design couldn’t he.

  • Hey Old Skool – are you talking about the Detroit one or the A2 one ?

    Heres the A2 Wright house:

    I was right next to it a few times (its up the road from the cemetery and the arboretum) but didnt get the chance to stop yet. Ill hit that next time thru.

  • Man, they just don’t make em like this anymore. Too time consuming, too expensive in this air conditioned pre fabricated plastic jungle that we call the 21st century. I have loved the series on legal beagle central and the Masonic Temple. Nice to see that there is still some beauty in this world of ours. Oh btw any news on the Wright house? More great digs there.

  • They’re Lawyer Gnomes! Cool!

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