not all those who wander are lost

Demolition is underway on the historic Lafayette Building.

The daylight shots are from a couple weeks ago at the beginning of the process.

Here the defaced Lafayette is part of the Red Dawn set along Griswold.

4 Responses to Lafayette Demolition

  • Could’ve demo’d the interior completely and left it at that until redevelopment/investment for occupied use could occur.

    Nothing is interesting when everything is the same.

    I understand that all cities would like to receive some money for vacant structures that they own, but there has got to be a time to offer properties for nothing to developers to get them back occupied, updated and on the tax rolls.

  • Oh I know – that block is gonna be retarded now. Two coney islands, a shoe store and the closed Arcade Bar (BARBAR) .

    I think if they did anything other than restore it, they should have made it a parking structure and saved the facades. Dirt lot ? Dirt lots are not architecture.

  • If the Lafayette isn’t worth renovating (never see a building look like that again), why save a few small buildings instead of redeveloping the entire corner.

    Maybe the lot will get developed when Jesus wants an overhyped hot dog and fries.

  • Wow. That really is sad news. You would think that some of these abandoned buildings could be used for SOMETHING, instead of letting them rot for years on end. Was this building that bad that it couldn’t of been saved? It seems the surface lots are getting more and more every year.

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