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Photos from this morning, after demolition crews pulled in the north wing facade earlier today.

From this angle, it sure looks like they used a giant submarine sandwich to bash in the building……

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  • MAN i was so pissed about this, and by the way there was TONS of trash in there. i wouldnt doubt thats where all the trash came from.

  • Hey J – thanks for passing on the seahorse compliment, always good to hear ! Makes me sad wondering what ever happened to that little guy.

  • Amazing! Thanks for posting that video.

    p.s. I got a compliment on your photo of the yellow seahorse/ purple fan last weekend from a guest.

  • Ha! in one of the pictures you can see a city trash can caught up in the rubble. It must have been on the walk next to the building. I have a feeling its going to end up in the land fill.

  • They nibbled away at the light court inner bracing before they pulled the outside facade in.

    The dust ? I guess because it is Detroit, nobody does anything about it. I was spitting dust out of my mouth just from walking around it the next morning, the traffic would kick up the cloud and it would coat everything.

  • How did the north wall make such a clean break from the east wall? Were all of the horizontal steel members cut prior to the north wall being pulled in? Also, why wasn’t anything done to attentuate the massive dust cloud that was produced?

  • Here’s the collapse caught on video:

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