not all those who wander are lost

A once upon a time beautiful wood paneled lobby.

Down to the basement where we hear gushing water

Eeeeew – and the ALMOST soaker of a lifetime – I almost plunked my sneaker over that step, which has water right up to its edge as to be invisible at first glance. I saw the milk crates and sussed out the water level before stepping right into that. It was cold that day too.

Elsewhere throughout the building we found a plethora of “humans nests”.


Mostly fisheye though this post (not going to be this way – Mac had asked me in earlier comments about whether or not I changed lenses while exploring, and how I kept dust out etc. Well I try not to change lenses indoors if possible because the air quality is zero. If I do it, I try to be quick which is hard with gloves etc. New camera has the “dog shake” sensor that shivers and puffs air on shut down. This has been working great. In the past I destroyed my D70 by getting debris in the shutter box.

We call this “Seagram’s Room”…..

Aha – Some rare nail polishes for Di’s collection….
They smell funky, but I saved them for you !


To be fair; a nice peely paint picture for Barb.

Courtyard between the two apartment buildings.

In the distance, the “Golden Tower of the Fisher Building”.

Why do my shoes smell funny ?

14 Responses to Kingsley Arms

  • Great pictures. You go in so we don’t have to. Ha

  • hahahah ! yeah, I fussed over that one for about 20 frames before I was happy – looks like a very colorful space invader landing in the ghetto or something.

  • Thumbs-up for the kid toy pic!

  • Oh thats nothing gross like diarrhea – just good old black mold. Youre just not used to seeing it flourishing in an ideal environment. LOL

  • Beautiful (?) as usual dfunk! I agree with Burningrome on the woodwork in 3 and 4. Sadly, people might as well scrap that out before it ends up like the Eastown, etc. From what I can tell from here on the west side, none of that beauty really ever gets restored does it? Also, yeah, is there an explanation for the walls in the “Seagram’s Room”? I couldn’t tell if it’s gunshots or explosive diarrhea! I really don’t mean to be so gross, but……

  • “Seagrams room” may contain a homemade bong,
    handy for processing the results of Urban Gardens…

  • Dfunk, When ya got a new toy by all means play with it. I love the vision the new fish gives you. Cool stuff bro. One thing about these new-fangled marvels, when they are still on when changing lenses that charge works as an ace dirt sucker. Guess you found that out the hard way.

  • Well Tom, if I wasnt scared, it just wouldnt be fun.

  • Amazing woodwork detail. Back in the day I bet this was a very nice building to live in.
    I am sure you are used to it, but it takes a lot of guts to go poking around in these places especially if the human nest residents are around.
    Awesome material … keep it coming.

  • These are some GREAT pics! I loving the walls in the “Seagram’s Room”! And all that wood in the lobby in pic #2!

  • i mean A LOT of both…

  • a little bit of both – mining and scrapping.

  • Amazing pix – been reading this for a few years. One thing the 3&4th shots make me wonder : is there somewhere in Detroit where all these amazing antique materials (paneling, windows etc) are being recycled/re-sold? Or are people just stripping the copper pipe and burning the rest?

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