not all those who wander are lost

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  • Hey detroitfunk, where have u been??
    No updates in a while!!
    Please come back!


  • Hey,
    RW, I put a link to your website on my blog since you acted as the incubator for it:
    I hope you and family are doing great.
    As ever,

  • Well hey there Neil from Beantown !

    Yeah, Detroit has a good mayor now and things are already starting to change for the better.

    The auto bailout: good money after bad. I hate those companies and I wish they were destroyed or at least driven out of our state. They betrayed all the workers, and they continuously wreck Michigans economy.

    And all the autoworkers in my family act like fuckin cavemen. lol!

    Anyway, Cheers to Beantown from The Big D, and from Michigan, the forgotten state.

  • Great stuff! I am from Boston and was thinking about Detroit because the government is talking about bailing out the auto makers and because I read about the Detroit mayoral problems as well as the differences between North and South of 8 Mile Road.

  • Ahwell – least they capped em up before taking off eh ? u-50’s, I assume, arent referring to the sausages in the first pic ? Hahah !

    Jennifer – I put your link on my blogroll, cool site.

  • Wow! Great photography. You make Detroit look cool and inspiring.

  • ahh u-100’s choice of the hardcore. I myself preferred u-50’s

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