not all those who wander are lost

Ghetto mamma dog in the Springtime !

Whaaaaaaat the hell kinda dog IS this ? Ghetto-mutant-shar pei ?

What a charming little couple….

I guess I was staring at his “bitch” (proper term intended here) too long, Ghetto-dog-baby-daddy came to charge my car. You do not make eye contact with a ghetto dog…..

This area was just flush with feral dogs, probably due to the adjacent junk yard.

6 Responses to Junk Yard Ghettodogs

  • the 2nd photo looks like she’s waiting for an adult to buy for her.

  • Hahahahaha ! No shit Steve, that IS actually what it looked like.

    Mutants. Thats what they are – mutants.

  • I beleive that is a Shar Pei-Boxer-Pug-Redbone Coon Hound-Shepherd-Jack Russell-Am. Bulldog mix.

  • Yes!! Another installment of “Ghetto Dogs”, one of my favorite dfunk tags. That is one nasty looking mama. Although nothing beats “Cujo” from your previous post.

  • Me too dude ! Watch that section across from City Airport on Gratiot. Huge pack in there, aggressive.

    I got chased by a few on my bike, but I was lucky not to be too near them at the time.

    I had my car tires bit by a ghetto dog running down Newport near Vanity Ballroom. The road was so tore up, I couldnt get going fast enough to lose the dog without dumping my front end parts all over.

  • Yeh, I started to keep an eye out for these b*stards when on a bike. I’ve had them run up to 30mph and chase for over a mile snapping at wheels and feet the whole time. Not good.

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