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Joy Middle School on the east side. Closed – and yes, same old story. Every computer, desk and book was left to rot. But that was a long time ago. What does it look like now ? Did they recover what was left of the books and supplies ?

Guard log book

“Count day today an important day”

Count day is when they count the kids who show up that particular school day, and then that’s what the government bases its per pupil payout on. Yes – its that ridiculous. If a child is absent that one day, then the school system loses thousands of dollars.

Female anatomy lessons courtesy of always.

Now, this place has been closed for a long time. Its actually in some sort of stage of demolition.

It has been featured in the Free Press, and its been on local news.

And again, the school books and supplies are STILL THERE.

Ready for another puke fest ? Grab your airsick bags and lets go – Welcome to the Detroit Public Schools Mind Cemetery “.

Have you had enough yet ? Well here’s more…

Just madness.

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  • I miss my school so much man. Graduate of 98 forever joy baby

  • As a Graduate of Joy even in 2018 it still hurts to look back and see such Blatant Unprofessionals who allowed records, books, and other valuable info to just lie on the floor with access to steal them and damage the building REALLY HURT Me!JOY was a Awesome SCHOOL and this NEVER SHOULD OF HAPPENED!!😩

  • Its so crazy what happened. I went to that school. If was one favorite teacher’s at that school. I would be dead. I really miss that school

  • Atrocious.

  • I really wasnt inside the structure as much as it looks. Much of it has no walls.

  • OMG, wow. Did you have to wear a hard hat in there? Such a shame to see so many tax dollars gone to waste like that.

  • Sorry, I probably could have phrased that better. I was trying to sympathize more than anything.

    The depressing thing about the Sun article, is the money has to go towards recent bonds (some of which I voted for, a lot of which I voted against) because it’s technically a ‘surplus.’ So they will still have to close youth rec centers and layoff city workers due to budget shortfalls.

    But, yes, overall Baltimore is doing much better than Detroit.

  • As a resident of Oakland County Michigan (and former resident of Harford County Maryland) I can support the admin’s contention. Baltimore’s got a lot of grim problems, but there’s no comparison to Detroit, sad to say.

  • Pepperjack – I cant find the articles right now, but I believe the estimated figure missing in pure cash from DPS just last year was near 53 million dollars. But they appear to waste even more than that.

    Detroit is a bit bigger than Baltimore as far as population goes, so I am not minimizing your point at all. The people stealing this money from children will all rot and stink together in hell.

    And still, Baltimore could NEVER be in the shape Detroit is. It just isnt possible. If I wasnt here seeing it, I would say what happened to Detroit would be impossible in the United States.

  • School books are one thing, but has Detroit misplaced $40 million dollars like the city of Baltimore? Cause, you know, the city is just overflowing with cash already…,0,1170727.story

  • OMG! Unbelievable! Another well presented investigative expose’.

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