now with even more funk !

Corrado Parducci perchance ?

Book of the Dead

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  • this is incredible… son and I cruised this region a few weeks ago, it’s bad, but we missed this gem.
    Gives me a reason to come back (from chicago)

  • Used to go there when I was a kid. My aunt’s house was right around the corner on Eastlawn. This was the library where my father learned to read and love books way back in the ’30s. Despite all the decay around it, it sure is nice to see this beautiful building still doing its job for the people of Detroit.

  • Necronomicon, Ex Mortis…inked in human blood

    i dunno, maybe referring to the fabled Book of Thoth?

  • Omg, that’s beautiful! Hard to believe so many other gorgeous old buildings used to look that good but were left to rot.

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