not all those who wander are lost

Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal
I walk the corner to the rubble that used to be a library
Line up to tha mind cemetery, now.
What we don’t know keeps tha contracts alive an movin’
They don’t gotta burn the books, they just remove ’em
While arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells
Rally round the family, pockets full of shells.
-Rage Against the Machine, Bulls on Parade

6 Responses to John S. Gray library

  • No truer words to describe this than “mind cemetery.” How badly we are failing our kids…

  • WOW dude – nice work. Mal & Hig, no slouches.

    And no visible way in either, btw. Just some bumshit under that porch that we tracked onto my floormats. BWAAAA !

    (those mats – trash)

  • Dont forget about the tens of thousands of teachers Michigan just laid off – creating classrooms sizes that range up toward 50 students in some places. Not just Detroit, but in the wealthiest of suburbs too.

  • Between the boarded up schools, churches, and libraries, the opportunities for education that are lost is simply amazing.

  • Yeah, wikipedia has “F” not “S” but the sign says “S” so thats what I wrote.

  • That rotten sore on the face of mother earth gets bigger

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