not all those who wander are lost

Highland Park is a small enclave of Detroit which is much in need of endless demolition dollars. The current Michigan Governor has promised enough funding to remove 250 specific structures in this area, so we know its just a matter of time before this is all cleaned out.

This area is not a wasteland. It is incredibly hit though, and every other structure seems to need demolition. There are still plenty of well kept houses, apartments and shops throughout this hood.

Watch that first step…Come on in, man..

2 Responses to Jenny Park

  • At one time Highland Park had the best public school system in the country. Many streets were busy enough that pedestrian underpasses were constructed that are still visible. Spectacular apartments where pretty much standard.

    HP seems to have received a government assisted death.

    In other countries the infrastructure that is in place in HP would be enviable.

  • I love HP, the apartments on Highland Ave. are spectacular.