not all those who wander are lost

The Jeffries East Housing Project, slated for demolition.

John C. Lodge at MLK Boulevard – just a huge blown out housing system. Looks like it was dutifully fenced in to start with – but in Detroit even the fencing put up to slow down the scrappers gets scrappped.

Nothing at all interesting on the interiors of these units, just as one would expect. The unnerving sound of scrappers tapping away at pipes echoed through every building.

4 Responses to Jeffries East Housing Project

  • I rode my bike down there about midnight the other night.
    The tapping clanging and banging breaking the silence was creeeeepy!
    And it smelled like mad gas too.
    Nice work as usual!

  • I love your site. Just a general comment, though. You can save a lot of bandwidth by having only one post show up on the main page. Then if people want/need to look back further they can go to the archives. There is no need for people like me, who check your site every day, to load pictures from a week ago every time I visit your site.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work :)

  • nice work Dfunk. As someone outside Detroit I’ve wondered how the buildings being rehabbed are coming along. Any pictures of those out there? I hear the BC is coming along well, and perhaps Fort Shelby too?