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  • Then someone should point that one way sign “down”. That is the only way this sad subject property has been going for many years. Then take a picture of the building.

    I’ll have to check the for more info… sounds to be interesting. This is the same James Scott who donated the money for the Scott Fountain on the south tip of Belle Isle. I heard that there was a really big protest of accepting the fountain from such a character as James Scott.

  • I believe its been toasted since the late 70’s.

    Paul – thanks, yeah – that’s a thing Ive been doing lately to add location context (you can see another on the Lafayette thread) . Some times I use the Google maps too.

    The sign also does not include “no dead bodies”….. Maybe that is included under “no dumping”. That body they found was in the stairwell seen in the last photo, right where that red thing is.

  • That is a graffiti stencil. Yes – Ive seen the Dyes threads on the Scott place.

  • Nice to see an updated picture of my favorite Detroit ruin…”Old Skool” – lots of information about this building on the Detroit Yes web site..Question..In the 6th frame…is this fish a tile? or graffiti?

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but please just tear it down and be done with this lingering apathetic cancer victim – just like Lee Plaza!

    You know, I use to enjoy looking at ruin porn as much as the next guy. But now when I see a really beautiful architectural example dissolving before my eyes with no chance of restoration, I just want it to vanish like a bad dream…

  • Dfunk…Very effective taking the first picture with the street sign to reveal the location. A former four story masterpiece. I wonder what was the square footage of this four floor mansion. The basement was half below grade, so nice windows allowed in much light. I’ll make note of the location and include it in a drive by (look) on my next cruise in Detroit.

    I notice the posted sign doesn’t include “No scrapping or vandalism”, so one could guess it is allowable. But then, those acts were already commited at this location, so it’s on to other sites for those activities. That feeble fence looks like a real deterent. Should have been much taller with razor wire.

    Is that ordinance sign made of aluminum???

  • That’s disgusting. My initial reaction, second is it is so sad to see an obviously beautiful building decay like this. Any insight in to what happened here?

  • Wow, those steps…and the brick’s decay…It would seem as if it has been 500 years without mankind present. Do you know when it went abandoned?

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