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The “James Burgess Book Jr. Residence Erected 1911”.

Another fine structure by Louis Kamper. J.B. Book was one of three brothers responsible for developing an earlier vision of downtown Detroit. Most notably, the Book Cadillac Hotel and the Book Building / Book Tower.

Garden walls

Bronze address numbers and letters – probably scrapped.

The Studio Building

Here is the Studio Building from the side

Watch that step there, that thing will take a leg off.

The side carriage entrance

“The Historic Book Place”

4 Responses to James Burgess Book House

  • Nice digs. I wonder if any of the McMansions that have been so prevalent the last few years will age so well. For Paul from Calgary maybe somewhere south of 17th. Mount Royal perhaps.

  • Paul – the ‘for sale’ sign and the agency is in one of the last photos. No idea on the price or value at this point. You could probably get it for $30k USD in cash if you wanted it.

    The Book Cadillac is now the Westin, and so far it seems to be doing well. I cant imagine it will be open for long though, simply because I have no idea who would be staying there on a regular basis.

    The Book Tower is just plain abandoned now.

  • Very interesting building. Is the building for rent or for sale? If it’s for sale, any idea of what the asking price is? (I’m not interested in buying, just curious). I sure wish we had more buildings like that in my city Calgary.

    Also, how is the Book Cadillac doing? I was in Detroit two years ago and they were finally renovating it after long delays.

  • That place is beautiful. What a bummer to see it like this.

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