not all those who wander are lost

Mmmmmmmmmm…….Armour “TREET”. Gawd, offbrand SPAM ? ? ?

Virginia Baked Ham TASTE..

Detroit Produce Terminal – this sign looks so much like the Hostess sign on Oakman Boulevard.

Heres the answer to what goes up in place of the red Pontiac ad. A YELLOW Pontiac ad.

Another building ad.

The damn Jeep ad over the Wyland mural on the Broderick Tower. Soon all of the architectural surfaces of downtown will be one continuous advert.

Some people argue that back in the day, painted ads covered many building surfaces. I guess theres something charming about these handpainted ads in retrospect, but in their time I believe they were as crass as the mylar bullshit we stare at on buildings today.

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