not all those who wander are lost

One of a million tiny cemeteries that dot the landscape of this area. Many semi abandoned, neglected, vandalized.

4 Responses to Iron Gates

  • Great info Beavis ! I have not checked out those other places but I will while Im up there. I travel around for work a LOT – and thats when I end up in the far corners.

    I always wonder about the orbs and stuff like that in cemeteries, but my photos reveal nothing other than the need to clean my sensor.

    26 and North is sounding familiar but Im not sure. I have been in numerous farm houses and such up there but Im not sure which and where. I used to explore farm ruins before the urban stuff. Wheatfield Township, Williamston, Holt – in that area.

  • Now your in my urb-ex hood! I started taking pics around this area about 6yrs ago. Loooooong before I knew about dyes, dfunk, or “urban exploration” Have you ever been in the house at 26 and north? How about 26 and card? There is also one with a creepy tire swing on 26 in new haven.

    Now some lore about this location- If you look across 24 there is clearing with the faint outlines of a two-track supposedly there was mental asylum there that was knocked down in the seventies.

    As for the cemetary- I went out there with a freind at dusk and took pics. Out of a WHOLE roll of film the only one that turned out were with him it and everyone had hundreds of those creepy blue orbs.

  • DAMN !!!!!!!

    Thats exactly where it is – GOOD freakin eye Beavis !

  • Is this at 24 and card?