not all those who wander are lost

The Belle Isle Aquarium, now idled – perhaps permanently. It survived 101 years.

Inside is a very disturbing site, no workers, no fish.

[dfunk note: no, i am not inside the aquarium building, yes it is secured. you can look in the front glass door – i shot through the glass with a flash.]

YMCA building


5 Responses to Institutions

  • Those are some beautiful pictures of details. I love the aquarium, how sad that it is closed. =(

  • That aquarium flash shot is an excellent, atmospheric photo, but I have to admit it caused me to have two slightly different reactions at once:

    1) ‘What a beautiful interior, I remember seeing the previous story with pictures from when it was still operating, shame it got closed down’


    2) ‘Bloody hell that looks exactly like a scene from Resident Evil (video game). If you go near one of those glass things something horrible is going to burst out.’

    :> I think it’s the lighting that does it.


  • How did you get in the aquarium? I hope its well sealed.

  • Beautiful work as always. Sad to see the amazing aquarium building join the other buildings to slowly decay. I hope someone soon can turn that around. Wish someone could at least maintain that building until then, we have several like that here in VA.

  • As others have said, you have done excellent work with your photography. Your site is among the best.

    I went to Detroit in 1999 and got to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Belle Isle aquarium. Such a shame it has closed down.