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  • Nothing special. F10 for 30 seconds with a standard IR filter. But nothing I can do in the post-pro makes them look as cool as your shots here! I may try with our D5000 – see if I have better luck.

  • Ah – thats a cool shot.

    Why are mine so “fruity” ? I can desaturate them until they look like that.

    I thought the IR coated sensor of the D300 made IR a no-go, howd you get it to work ?

  • OK – your comment that the D300 got me curious so I tried.

    I was able to get IR on my D300 but nowhere near as colorful as yours. Did you take two shots at different filter wavelengths?


  • Nice work. I wondered if there was an SNWEB link as he had some nice IR shots last month on flickr :)

  • really love this stuff man!!!

  • Paul – I used an IR lens with an extreme white balance setting. My current Nikon does NOT have an IR filter on its sensor. My D300 did, so I couldnt do IR with that one. (SNWEB explained to me how to do make it work)

    I havent really done anything with it yet, just went out a few times to shoot with the filter. Its pretty freaky looking.

  • I’m curious too. How did you do this? Did you hack your camera or use a filter? In the past, I’ve shot B&W IR film, but have not done anything IR on digital.

  • waay cool dude!

  • Whoa! That’s amazing! What kind of gear and/or hacks did you have to do to get shots like that, dFunk?

  • awesome!

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