not all those who wander are lost

Aight – Im back. Couple things to post and we’ll get to some SuperBowl hoopla tomorrow. I had to go downtown today to meet up with a person from the DPL down at the Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library. We both had a very difficult time getting there, needless to say – and its only Monday !

More on all that tomorrow.

Mrs dFUNK got a huge kick out of this Cadillac gas guzzler ad, I promised to post it with detail shots, so here it is.

Looks like a building wrap ad at first, but theres these inflatable photographers sticking out of it with cameras that actually flash. (I guess they cant believe their eyes because theyve never seen a giant SUV before – LOL)

Some look like photographers –

Some look sortof like urban explorers –

Some just look like terrorists ! Osama wants a new Monster Caddy to drive around in his cave…Hahahaha !

Funny, but basically creepy and weird.

7 Responses to Inflatable Photographers

  • Hannah – that rocks ! That ad is silly and all, but it got a LOT of attention. Your husbands work was viewed by many eyes. Tell him we all said “cheers!”

  • My husband was the person who was hired to hang that banner – and the mannequins. I took pictures while they finished wiring the “cameras”, and took photos of the bums who wanted to watch.
    As weird as the concept is, what is even more weird is the ridiculous amount of money they spent for all the signage around town! Seriously about $10,000 just to hang that one.

  • Hmmm….a few of those pics look surprisingly like the ones I took and posted on my site. Do I have a copy cat out there trying to duplicate my work? lol All in good fun.


  • Wow… if that isn’t sort of scary, I don’t know what is.

    SUV — so environmentally irresponsible it makes you want to leap to your death.

    Yep — that’s the message I got from it anyhow.

  • I’ve read those monster gas guzzlers are popular in the Middle East, where gas goes for $0.80 a gallon.

  • Dude, you gave me the withdrawal shakes. Please don’t disappear again any time soon!

  • Glad to have you back! I saw those on Friday. I think they are actually maniquins. They have seems around their wrists.