not all those who wander are lost

Aight – Im back. Couple things to post and we’ll get to some SuperBowl hoopla tomorrow. I had to go downtown today to meet up with a person from the DPL down at the Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library. We both had a very difficult time getting there, needless to say – and its only Monday !

More on all that tomorrow.

Mrs dFUNK got a huge kick out of this Cadillac gas guzzler ad, I promised to post it with detail shots, so here it is.

Looks like a building wrap ad at first, but theres these inflatable photographers sticking out of it with cameras that actually flash. (I guess they cant believe their eyes because theyve never seen a giant SUV before – LOL)

Some look like photographers –

Some look sortof like urban explorers –

Some just look like terrorists ! Osama wants a new Monster Caddy to drive around in his cave…Hahahaha !

Funny, but basically creepy and weird.

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