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“IMMIGRANT RIGHTS ARE Civil Rights”: stencil poster art that advertises for a group protesting the Arizona immigration law.

Here are a list of other examples from other places:

Here an example of the original poster:


  • Yep – me too JTistle. My beef is against illegal USA employers – the source of all the problems in this situation. Why are they not treated as bad as illegal labor ? Illegal employers are committing treason. I can understand somebody jumping the border to work for money to buy food. What is up with the employers though, what is their excuse ?

  • By the way DFunk, love the site. It encourages me to take my family and show them around the city.

  • I have nothing against immigrants rights, however I do have a problem with illegal aliens. We have laws concerning the legal immigration to our country, which my Grandmother followed when she came here from Yugoslavia.

  • Sorry Old Skool but I, like the vast majority, was born here, which makes me native. The who was here first argument is specious, originally there was no one here.

    As to the law, nothing bars state or local police from enforcing a federal statute and until the courts decide differently nothing bars Arizona from duplicating a federal statute. Certainly not a perfect solution and certainly no excuse for the failure of Uncle Sam to do his job.

  • Just as nobody has read the Federal laws, which supersede Arizona.

  • Have any of these people protesting the law in Arizona even bothered to read the law? I doubt it. If they did they would see that there is nothing to protest about.

  • Unless somehow you are related to Geronimo we are all immigrants here.

  • How about the civil rights of building owner being protected from someone defacing their building??

    Shame on the person(s) who did this.

  • Graffiti brought to life, by the
    “international socialist organization”
    Wonder why they chose a 50’s-looking white gal
    as their placeholder?

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