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  • Yeah – its a vandal zone alright, and Ilitch is the vandal !

  • Thanks Lt Dan – I had no info other than it was the same folks who decorated the GAR.

  • . . . oh yeah, and let us not forget that the Park/Adams area is officaly a ‘vandal zone.’ see the post about it at detroityes. too bad the vandal sign got pinched. :)

  • HDL are a M/F duo transplanted from Hawaii. One of them is from around here originally. Their production can be seen in a variety of places around downtown — check the castle at Gr. River / Cass. Their work is with permission of bldg. owners. This visibility is part of a business plan. Hope they hit paydirt. You might want to ck for a story about them at detnews site, I think Michael Hodges wrote about them in his blog there.
    Now, keep up!
    p.s. paintballers could be just the beginning of some interesting layering over time: Think Faile. Don’t be in such a hurry to rush to judgment is my 2 cents.

  • Hygienic dress league?? Who did this? And who is the a– that vandalized it?

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