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This is the Legal Research Building in the Law Quad of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

This is a cozy little place called “the Reading Room”.


And now in Hutchins Hall – this corridor, just check out the CRAZY stained glass images !

“Honor” – one dude stabbing another guy with a long sword – hahaha !

“Murder” – huh ? A guy shooting birds ?

“Fraud” – A guy pretending to be missing one leg

“Anarchy” – My favorite ! An angry mob gathered outside of some generic government building.

“Bankruptcy” – A guy pawning his tools

“Malicious Mischief” – Hahahaha ! Well this one is still pretty up to date.

“Robbery” – looks like a little kid robbing an old woman ?

“Larceny” – yeah, you should know darn well that your pocket will get picked standing around the “beware of pickpockets” sign… hahahaha !

Oh those images are CLASSIC.. Are they supposed to represent the lawyers stock and trade ?

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  • To clarify – the historic building and new library addition might have been considered all one project but I don’t remember being in the new building only the historic one to work.

  • I may have spent a day on the addition – I can’t remember. We spent some time on the historic restoration project and at various times have been in all the law school buildings. I love the stained glass too.

    I too think UM does a good job of getting designs that compliment what has been built.

    I have been on North Campus (engineering buildings) lately, mostly at Environmental Water Research or GG Brown. I worked on SSEL (I think they changed the name) and there is a spot where you can look into lab space from outside the building in a court yard, plus for where we park you can walk through a Japanese style garden called the Wave Field to get to the job. Pretty damn cool.

    RIP Pfizer.

  • Hey Jim –

    You and the old man worked on the new library addition ? That is some crazy work there – I didnt photograph in that library because it was…well a library. Some libraries are quiet and empty so it isnt a big deal, but serious ones you cant just tromp in with a tripod and start flicking your camera shutter open and closed.

    But they managed to retain the full gothic feel of the Quad, yet added a badass modern facility that wraps into and around it. When you are inside the buildings, you transition into the new addition seamlessly.

    Yeah the Reading Room is amazing – and I should not have been shooting there either, but I was struck by “building lust”. There was only one student near me when I was in there, and me taking photos didnt seem to wake her up from her faceplant nap in her pile of books.


  • the building was recognized by the national trust for the renovation/restoration work. My father and I worked on the project and neither of us knew there was some historical significance to the project.

    The reading room is fantastic and by far my favorite place in the building.

  • All the times I’ve been in that building and I never once noticed those wonderful window panels. Great stuff. Thanks.

  • Yeah – sorry about that jdg, I can imagine some painful hours get put in at that place.

  • this is my least favorite detroitfunk post ever, by no fault of your own. that place was my personal hell for three long years.

  • Fantastic work!

  • Incredible place…

  • The Law Quad buildings were built in the early 1920’s by arch. Edward York and Philip Sawyer

  • Beautiful building. When was it built?

  • great stuff

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