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As Mac stated in a comment on the earlier post, 2003 was also the last time I stayed at Hotel Pontchartrain. And just like Macs observations, I found the hotel to be – meh – but the views were great. Heres some pics from that visit in 2003, including some good views from the building.

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  • The Ponchatrain Hotel is haveing some serious financial troubles…. Just a few weeks ago DTE turned off the lights and a major convention was going on and the guest were very angry and the employees had walked out because they had not ben paid.

  • That is the Book Cadillac Hotel. In 2003 it was still abandoned, but it is now reopened. The copper on the roof is brown now.

  • What is the building with the green copper roof? I’m assuming it’s copper. I’ve taken a pic or two of it, and can’t figure out what it is. Beautiful old place!

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