not all those who wander are lost

City of Detroit at night – lit up and looking like candy.

The “Nissan Gm” Headquarters ? ? Hahahaha !

The Ambassodor Bridge lit up and spanning the Staits of Detroit. Streaks of light are pleasure boats strolling by during the 30 second time lapse photo.

Steel mills on Zug Island hard at work, expelling…Jeez I dunno – Zug ?

Earlier that evening, fading sunlight illuminates the abandoned Fisher Body Plant # 21 turning it bright red.

Green’s Open Pit BBQ….

2 Responses to Hot Summer Night

  • Those shots of the skyline are really nice. It reminds me of when I used to work at the RenCen. The views of Windsor, the ships, and the Ambassador Bridge were great, especially during sunsets. You should head over to the Coach Insignia restaurant (top of the center tower), and take some of your expert shots from there.

  • Green’s was my favorite, I sure do miss it!

    Thank you for the great images that often evoke wonderful memories…