not all those who wander are lost

Just a resident of Detroit trying too stay cool….

The ghetto palms are growing crazy with all the humidity !

Hey AIW – have you checked on Slumpy lately ? Shes losing chunks by the day. The left side is caving toward the center, and the window borders in the main facade are falling apart.

The Daviod Whitney – this entry has been blocked up. Wonder if thats keeping the explorers out ? Nuh.

This building got toasted recently. AC Lindell.


6 Responses to Hot as Hell

  • i love rosa parks

  • I believe the Lindell site is supposed to be the Rosa Parks Transportation Center or something like that.

  • The “palms home” was someplace on Warren headed west into midtown before the expressway.

    No clue about Lindell AC. We were in there awhile back and the place was hit, nothing of interest inside though.

  • I’m glad to see some pics of Lindell. I’ve been watching the demo from my office window. Any idea what the plans are for the site? Another Mike Illitch parking lot??

  • What is the location of the palms home?

  • I did see Slumpy. I was by there last week, but I was camera free… I’ll be glad when the construction is done over there….

    Slumpy is mega-fucked these days.