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Marcus Burrowes designed Fire Station (and Municipal Building), Highland Park, Michigan.

(Free Press cites them as Albert Kahn designs, but still no source for any architectural firms on all three buildings)

Very cool fire place in this back room.

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  • those little column things in the fireplace should be saved

  • have you by any chance found out by now who the myterious archtitect of the municipal building is?
    -fantastic site and bravo to your excellent work!

  • Been following the site for some time now and might I say keep up the good work. So sad to see an old firehouse rotting like this. I’m a Fireman in a suburban area and what I wouldn’t give to work in a house with the kind of character as the old houses of Detroit, if only for a day. They’ll never make em like these again….

  • Awsome style in photography .Im From Gary Ind alot of places to photo are gone forever you always seem to find something new something even cooler than your last.

  • Interesting this is that I think the fire station utilizes a portion of the old city hall/police station that was there from HP’s village days… if you look at the old postcard the roofline matches up exactly (stepped) to the back of the fire station (which has different brick and a seam visible)

    Good news Nailhed, the firefighters saved the crest.

  • Thats cool, time to get to the bottom of who did these things and what the story is – who would have thought that such substantial structures for an important city would just go undocumented like this !? We should be able to find out everything online, and I cant even find mention in my books.

    I know there are some Highland Park experts out there like the McGregor folks, and Jim R. Anybody ?

  • lol…just a warning–no matter how many reasons i have to believe im right, i am usually wrong anyway. s’just the story of my life, pfft.

    sucks to see the HPFD blazon above the fireplace has fallen off/been ripped off. hopefully someone saved it.

  • The Freep cites these as Albert Kahn, but no source documents yet. Looks like I am going to be resorting to actual homework here soon…

  • So until somebody makes a case otherwise, I think Nailhed has to be correct on the architect for these two. Municipal building first, and the Fire station added to match at a later date. Still can not find documentation, but Nailhed draws a strong parallel to other structures that makes a lot of sense.