not all those who wander are lost

Heres a few experimental High Dynamic Range photos (HDR). Some of these worked out pretty good, some so -so – Im still trying to get a hang of this process.

This is Fisher Body Plant # 21

Merchants Row

The St. Aubin rail ditch at the Eastern Market Yard

The temple of “I AM”

Adams Street skyline

7 Responses to High Dynamic Range

  • Looks real good. Last time I went in the fisher body plant I got majorly creeped out. I think maybe just cause it was an eery winter night. sweet pics though.

  • I don’t know if my email to you a few months back about HDR got you going or not, but the end results are cool.

  • HDR is a software technology that basicly averages seven or more exposures into one impossible exposure. Thats its application for photography anyway – it is used for very technical 3D applications and in film work.

    I imagine that before long consumer cameras will take these photos almost automaticly.

  • wow! those pics are unbelievable! i like how that style of photography adds little “halos” around objects in front of a skyline. great pics.

  • Hey dFunk! These pix have the coolest look to them. It reminds me of those early 19th century postcards that have that hand water-colored look to them. Is it a lens or a processing or software technique or what? Keep up the Good work!

    P.S. How about trying that out at Greenfield Village?

  • All in all, looking good. I want to learn more about this, it has alot of potential. Hope all is well dfUNK!

    Peace from Detroit Style Pride

  • These are beautiful pictures — the colors just pop out at you. My favorite is the Merchant’s Row pic.