all who wander are not lost

Early this morning there was a suspicious fire at the Heidelberg Project. The structure known as the Obstruction of Justice House, or the “O.J. House” was burned in the back, totally destroying two thirds of the building.

The Obstruction of Justice House was first created in 1995.

Artist Tyree Guyton stands amongst the half burnt mess that used to be the OJ House.

It’s going to be a long summer.

6 Responses to Heidelberg Project fire

  • Thank God this dump has burned. I think it was only a partial remedy however, because it seems that most if that mess survived. If Detroiters are going to insist on calling this garbage art, then I have a fairy tale to read to you entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Wake up!

  • The law is the law. He is getting special treatment to illegally dump trash in a neighborhood that he doesn’t live in. About time someone stepped up and did what the City of Detroit is too afraid to do, clean up the city one trash filled house at a time. Hopefully this person will give that “project” a bath of fire.

  • I’m sorry- I really don’t see the point of reconstructing that. I believe that the whole idea of the installation is to create beauty in the neighborhood and make it safe. How could you make that
    safe again?

  • Bulldoze it and give the man studio.

  • This is sad…such a special and unique Detroit landmark. I hope it will be restored.

  • Makes me so mad…I just want to spit!!