not all those who wander are lost

Just a a safari run down Woodward Avenue taking in the bleak snow covered landscapes. Let’s start in a happy place, Dutch Girl Donuts. This is SNWEBS favorite food source according to his FourSquare updates.. They should actually have some sort of pastry there called a “SNWEB” by this point, for all the PR he’s given this place – lol ! They really deserve it, this is a real great place that dfunk reader Jim showed me years ago.

The former Sydney Boggs chocolate factory. The company still is in operation, but they’ve moved from here long ago.

The former governors name still on the former State Fairgrounds gate. It is just sort of sitting now, with no clear development happening with the property.

Heading south towards Highland Park

This building used to have a theater to the right of it.

This place has been half redeveloped after being abandoned for a number of years. Not sure what happened, as it appears stalled out. Looks like a house, that had at one time been converted to a small geriatric hospital.

Further south near New Center is another abandoned facility – pretty sure this was also a home for the aged.

Metropolitan United Methodist Church

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