not all those who wander are lost

Steve Coy and Dorota Bilica, are the artists creating these “billboards” (their word) . Here is a promo video they made

Here are the paintings on the the G.A.R.

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  • hellyeah ! good stuff mang. that things is on tight – i tried to swipe it !

  • those box heads are called chommpers. they are painted and hung by imus also know as deco 23. he has a shit ton of them up downtown, add is going to flood the city this year with them. i know this for a fact because that dirt is me…………………………………….vladimus urungus, imus, deco 23

  • The GAR, I doubt, will ever become more than what it is – vacant. The entire metro area is at a standstill and has been, at least mentally, for years.

    Cities poach off one another for residents and businesses, companies are bidding themselves right into extinction and much of the building trades are running upwards of 60% unemployment.

    Demo-ing a building into a parking lot only to build another one, using tax abatements and other incentives, just to sit empty doesn’t make sense. That is what most likely will happen because that is what has happened in this area for years and where are you going to go when you’re stuck in neutral?

  • The G.A.R building reminds me of some of the castles along the Rhine River in Germany. Though some of the centuries old castles are long abandoned, they look quite impressive in the distance… even as ruins.

    Come to think of it, a lot of Detroit looks good… in the distance

    The small German towns near the castle put a flag (a sign of civic pride) on their castle and light them up so they can be seen at night. Sort of like a sentenial. They are a nice view for the tour boats on the Rhine.

    Then other castles are nicely restored and serve as money making museums and tourist destinations.

    So perhaps start with a flag atop the GAR and go from there.

  • Well, if the box dudes were not done by HDL, were they done by the same people as the “vandal zone” sign ?
    They were mounted exactly the same – although that doesnt mean it was the same person, I guess.

  • don’t think the stacked, smilin’ box guys on wood are HDL — not their style. Thanks for sharing. I suspect we’ll see more street art downtown, esp when the warmer weather gets here.

  • This is a beautiful building. The ever-reliable Wikipedia says that Illitch doesn’t own the property and that it has been purchased by a company called Mindfield, which is based in Detroit and intends to renovate the building for its offices.

  • Yeah – not sure where those nook statues went off to.

    So you dont think the GAR would look better flattened into a surface lot for stadium parking ? Cause thats where its headed.

  • The G.A.R. is a neat looking triangular building. It would look good in Birmingham where Woodward and Old Woodward come into a V intersection on the south side.

    There is a nice (vacant) parcel perfect for this building (with a lot of parking). Any ideas on how to move it there???

    I wonder if there were two statues over the doors in those alcoves

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