not all those who wander are lost

Along with the small enclave of Highland Park, you will also hear us refer quite often to another enclave Hamtramck. (sorta sounds like “ham sandwhich”).

(Let me just say that for a more legit look at this cool little place, check out our friends at Hamtramck Star.)

Pedro decided we should scour this little spot a bit closer so we headed that way recently. Hamtramck was most prominently a large Polish American community for many years. Much of its architecture and churchs reflect this Polish heritage. After years of Polish flight up to the northern suburbs (following industry and jobs of course) the neighborhood has experienced change in its ethnic makeup. Now along with Polish American, African American and Ukrainian – there is an added influx of Islamic Arab Americans (as opposed to Christian Arabs or Chaldeans which live primarily in the suburban citys.)and also Bengalis and Bangladeshis. Its a trip to walk around and see all these distinct cultures hanging out. Quite refereshing.

Hamtramck is a viable charming little city with a mess of problems, financial and otherwise. Culturally, these has been a clash between tolling church bells and calls to prayer for the mosques. Nothing has been done and nothing should be done. Let it all ring out. Even if you are disinterested in either or any religion, it gives the area such intense and powerful cultural ambiance that one cant deny the richness and value of the mix.

Nice bank detail on the corner

Heres where these things are born. If you are a meat eater this is gourmet old world crafted food goods at their best. If not – well….Pretty damn yucky I guess.


HEY! Who stole the Kiszka Who stole the Kiszka !….

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