not all those who wander are lost

This is the Guild Theater on Gratiot. Pretty much exists at this point to prop up the billboards that live on its roof.

I got no data on this little turd other than that it must have been a tiny movie house to begin with. One of its last uses as a theater appears to have been a strip club environment.

as I do my little dance on the catwalk….

Anything of value has long been stripped from this little carcass.

Old theater seats

Stairs to projection booth and marquis.

Looks like at one point you could get your hair done here too. Sweet.

5 Responses to Guild Theater

  • The Guild ended its days as a horribly sleazy porn theater. When I was 17 or so in the 80s a friend of mine and I, trying to be cool and sneak into a porn theater, unfortunately chose this one to inaugurate ourselves into the world of porn, mostly because he lived right near it at Six and Gratiot. The theater was filthy and full of freaky perverts sitting alone in the darkness. Lots of mags and toys for sale in the front part. The movie they showed featured a bunch of he/she trannies hopping on each other. As soon as that popped on screen we got the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Nice anecdote, eh?

  • The colors in this series of photographs is very vibrant, and a great mix. Awesome!

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  • About 2 weeks ago, the pictures here stopped working for me. =(

  • Ha! When I saw the first photo I thought that would make a great strip club. Unfortunately, as I read the commentary I realized someone else already thought of that.