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Here are some photos that were a request by Kahnmann – zoom detail shots of the Guardian Buildings “bee hive” summit.

Here is the flip side, but it is looking into the sun.

Here is the other side opposite the “bee hive”.

Here are just a few of the fascinating details on this Wirt Rowland masterpiece…

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  • It is a working office building and has always been. Perhaps not the most occupied. The skilled trades have or, at least, had work there on many floors over the past 1 to 1.5 years.

    It is a wonderful building and one that seeing in person is a treat each time.

  • I believe it now houses the County Seat offices.

  • What a beautiful building. It would cost a billion dollars to build something like that today.

  • Is it still a working office building?

  • also note that on that “Guardian Building” sign you can see the original “union trust” letters beneath.

  • Kahnmann’s got me going now, I’ll be posting more exterior, and also interior photos – all during, and just after the restoration. (2004) I took a billion detail photos inside.

    Tim, just imagine the guys drawing the interiors and you’ll go insane. It is among the most amazing buildings in the world.

  • And to think of the room full of draftsmen, cranking out the hand drawn repetitive details, for months!!!

    Nowadays, one guy on Autocad could have done it in a week! Copy, Paste, array, mirror, etc….

  • You got it buddy !

  • Yes, Yes – that’s what I’m talking about!!! Thanks for the close-ups dfunk.

    You know, the more I study the details of this building I’ve changed my mind – this is THE most beautifully executed Deco building of the era. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior.

    Criminy, just look at the raised relief lines and interwoven metalwork on the last photo – unbelievable! Add gorgeous polychrome and recessed ziggurats and monel metal on the inside – perfection.

    The last time I was able to snoop inside it was when MichCon owned it in the 80’s. I had a sucky fixed length film camera with no flash and the “guard” would only let me in the first 20 feet of the lobby – #@$%! I’ll be back in Michigan for Thanksgiving and I hope to make it to D for a “reunion”.

    Thanks again dfunk, you made my day.

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