now with even more funk !

Sunday is grocery day – yeah I know this is off of the usual beat, but I have a strange fascination with grocery stores. Piles and stacks and rows of insanely colored crap under hideous florescent lighting. . . . Its enough to make a person go off the edge……. but all the rows of colorful goods are rather hypnotizing for my simple brain….So away we go!

Very large cans of beans, extremely appetizing.

I always get yelled at for putting bizarre things in the basket when Mrs. dFUNK isnt looking..Dont forget some “capers”…yum.

Yow – too many jokes for this one. Fill one in for yourself – LOL

Now, they have a lot of the same cereals as when I was child, but I just dont remember the graphics being quite so psychotic.

“Cap’n” crunch. This stuff costs like, $40 USD an ounce nowadays.

These syrup bottles always creeped me out when I was kid – eating maple syrup out of a womans head…I dunno.

Heres the fine wine selection…The more colors on the label the bottle has, the finer it is.

Row after row of sugar-water. Probably costs one cent a gallon to produce this stuff.

Pink pickled jarred eggs in fluid – nothing strange here..

Tubes of meat. Cant get more American than a tube of meat.

Candy !

Fruits are always more appetizing in huge piles…

Honey bears !

Okay okay – tomorrow we go back to the normal programming…

7 Responses to Grocery Day

  • Elaine –

    This particular post was shot with a small portable 4 megapixel Kodak DX4900 EasyShare.

    My cameras are shown on the ‘about me” page. I use the bottom camera now, sold the middle camera – and still occationally use the small Kodak.

  • What kind of camera did you use?

  • Where are the pics of Faygo pop? Gol, I miss MI… :)

  • i stay away from such places as often as is possible…

    the nailhed grocery store would be about the size of a small house, and contain ramen, wheat bread, beer of sundry sorts, ammo & Hoppe’s #9. lighting would be from a few incandescent bulbs, or–GASP!–windows!

  • Best. dFUNK. Post. Ever.

  • Being able to make a trip to the grocery store into an interesting post earns 10 points of extra credit.

  • eating maple syrup out of a womans head…I dunno.

    That always freaked me out even though we always bought the cheap Karo maple flavored corn syrup. I once saw a bottle of Mrs Butterworth’s broke on the floor and felt like I was watching a car accident.