Time for a black and white tour of town.

The 1931 Downtown Branch of the DPL, now known as Skillman Library.

Massive home on Edmund Place is undergoing loftification, Actually being rehabbed for condo spaces.

Motor from sof8mile.blogspot.com poinmted me at his friends website for redevelopment data on this beautiful old building:

Many of these homes had been converted to rooming houses before the collapse of Brush Park, so making them into condos is a very sensible idea.

I wanna live in the castle building on Watson Street !

The Livingstone House.

We end this with Slumpy – jeezuz just LOOK at that facade !!!

This building wants to sleep so bad….Its a slow motion collapse.

6 Responses to Greyscale View

  • nailhed – If I remember right, the William Livingstone house (AKA “Slumpy”) was indeed an early Louis Kamper design from the 1890s. Check W. Hawkins Ferry’s book “The Buildings of Detroit” if you can find a copy. It discussed the Livingstone house and its early history. Pity we’re likely to lose this one. It was still in remarkably good shape when I photographed it in the early 1970s, but deteriorated badly after that.

  • Hey thatonechickwiththesteel –

    Im not quite sure which building you are speaking of, can you give me more details ? Theres always a good chance I already have those photos. If not, perhaps it could be arranged.

  • Is there any way you can get some interior shots from the place over on hendrie? the one with the arched porch and double arched thing above it? the one with the radius window and a semi-circle window on either side?

  • damn–Slumpy looks like a Louis Kamper design…how come i never noticed that before??

    it has the same circle & diamond motifs that occur on the Broderick inside & out.

  • Great pictures. Thank you again.

  • Brush Park is really looking sterile and scraped clean these days. I’m waiting for gentrification to creep north toward Mack. As for Slumpy? She’s done like dinner.