not all those who wander are lost

This – is Green Shirt Guy. This type of guy seems to magically appear anytime a band is playing in a bar or club. Green Shirt Guy was the undisputed life of the party last night.

We love you Green Shirt Guy..

4 Responses to Green Shirt Guy

  • Hi,
    I have had a crazy hectic life for awhile, but I’m starting to slow it down. One way is to come back and visit your site. I forgot just how much I love it. I want your camera…well, and your talent too :)
    Thanks for all the pics, I hope to visit Detroit again soon.

  • I’ve noticed that they also appear when Journey is playing at a Karoke bar.

  • A bit off-topic, but the new photographic background you are using in the posting headers makes it difficult to read the titles. Any chance of going back to the classic white on black, or if not perhaps black on photo?

  • Green shirt guy is truly a master of all air instruments. He was the Classics forth member indeed! Good time on Sat.