not all those who wander are lost

An art fair this weekend in Greektown – we checked it out last night…Well, as art fairs go it Yeah – well its kinda neat when they have events anyway.

The jazz band was pretty good..

A few street musicians were out there flailing away – but it was surreal. I could SEE dude bluesing away on his guitar, but I could only HEAR Greek music blasting out of the street speakers. Interesting mash.

Heres some painted canvas things, somewhat interesting decorative fluff – subpar to what youd see at a suburban mall. But art fairs are never meant to be gallery style fine art shows, so I’ll put my claws away.

It was a nice night for a walk around town.

This guy was like a bad acid flashback – a man dressed as a huge sandwhich with hairy legs scaring the small children.

I wonder if Subway charges more for hair on your sub… ?

We parked across the expressway next to Lafayette Park for free and walked a few blocks to the festival. Other places around town were charging a staggering $20USD for parking because a baseball game was going on. The City should stop that gouging because it really ruins everything and its wrong. The burbies that come in for baseball games who are afraid to travel far from I-75 or Woodward fall prey to the gougers.

wrong wrong wrong.

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