not all those who wander are lost

On my latest bike trek down Jefferson, I stopped in at Grayhaven Manor – aka the Lawrence P. Fisher mansion, aka the Hara Krishna temple.

My father and my uncles grew up just two blocks from this estate. While they lived here in the 40’s the Fishers had their yacht docked in the Grayhaven Moors. Later when my father and mother were first married, they lived in an upper flat in the same neighborhood. At that time, the yacht had been purchased by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and was known as the “Honeyfitz”.

Grayhaven is getting some much needed restorative work done – probably not nearly enough. This place has got to be a giant money pit for the Krishnas.

Designed by famed theater architect (UA theater, State theater, Fox theater) Charlie Crane.

Now the place is decked out in various Krishna deities.

The turtle is my favorite. Mrs dFUNK and I keep two turtles in a tank named Bert and Ernie.

It is said in their writings that one of Krishnas miracles was slaying a giant ox with a single blade of grass.

Interesting side note in the nearby lakefront park: these are the radar control towers for the missiles that used to be positioned on Belle Isle during the Cold War.

This park is at the mouth of the Straits of Detroit (locally called the Detroit “River”) and at the the terminus of Lake St. Clair – part of the Great Lakes fresh water system.

The missles on Belle Isle were located on the large mall of grass near Livingstone Lighthouse.