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So this place got leveled suddenly ! I heard about it from BuildingsOfDetroit, and I just couldnt believe it. But sure enough. I read that it was an Episcopal seminary building, but I can’t really find anything on it.

Heres a few photos of it before the demo that I shot recently. I have a whole set I did that includes the remaining interiors, but I still have to find those.

Here is what the site looked today. Toast !

The newer looking church must have been an addition to the original layout, as it used to sit directly behind the seminary structure.

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8 Responses to Grand River & Hubbell Demo

  • That was the old St. Paul Episcopal Church.

  • Loss of a beautiful piece of architecture…

  • That’s a fucking shame too. Look at how terrible that intersection looks now. It seriously looks like it belongs out on 25 mile. Vacant lot and ugly modern church, ugh, yay.

  • Please find those interiors :)

    We were driving en route to something else and spotted this place one day. Put it on the list, but never got around to it :(

  • Painful. Please tell me some of the architectural details were salvaged first. Yeah, right. I didn’t think so…

  • Sad to see another incredible design wasted. Great photos capturing all its fine detail.

  • Unreal…waste.

  • I know where you are saying – Ive parked my car in front of those houses before.

    Isnt this crazy ? The photos in this post are from 07.14.09 – about two weeks ago.

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