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The Grand River Creative Corridor


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  • Really? That Malt, Tead, Monster Steve piece is “low-rent”? I think all pieces shown look great but I guess Buffalo Bilious is a master muralist and can do better.

    I’ve never even been to Detroit, but I believe that the murals around my hometown (513) help bring the city to life, especially in blighted areas that otherwise look vacant and dangerous. It says to me that people live here, passionate people who care enough to flush out a huge full color pieces. I understand that some of the artists in the Beautification Project are from out of town, but I don’t think that takes away from the overall idea. It’s not like it’s gang graffiti and I’m fairly certain that the artists got permission to paint there, or were even commissioned to do so.

    I don’t think putting “street art” on every decaying bit of architecture is going to cure urban blight (I’m still not sure how I feel about that Vitamin Water sponsored event where the the ornate interior of an old building was covered up) but I personally believe it shows that a place is still alive.

    I just felt like I had to had my .02 a few months late.

    -your neighbor to the South.

  • wheres the one with the diamond an bird

  • Well Buffalo Bilious, the outdoor museum and the corridor group are centered around the 4371 Gallery. That place has been around a long time, and deals with more than graffiti art/artists.

    This particular work may strike you as not noteworthy, or trite, or garish – but it is still part of an established international movement of street art. I can see how if you dont care for these styles of painting, that this stuff would get old real quick. Many people have a strong negative reaction to graffiti.

  • Well I for one love these kind of graffiti photos, especially the cartoon ones. They crack me up! Keep ’em coming Dfunk!!!

  • Awesome artwork!

  • Hey DFunk, I always enjoy your pics, but what’s the point of these “creative collectives”? Just looks like a bunch of low-rent grafittos trying to justify their existence by forming an “official” group.

    The art really isn’t noteworthy, other than its scale. Monsters, cartoons and trite messages. Garish, to say the least. In comparison, it’s notable that most if not all of your “ghost sign” pics convey a level of elegance and refinement, even if they’re selling such blue-collar items such as spark plugs or kid’s blue jeans.

    I guess we’re stuck in the land of Cartoon Network. :/

  • Oops – left the Top Cat wall off for some reason. Its up now.

  • where’s the top cat wall?