not all those who wander are lost

Here is the inside of the organ cabinet, with all the metal tone pipes stolen for scrap. The square wooden bass notes remain.

air flow governor.

Concentric holes to hold the pitch pipes.

And of course, no church is complete without Hungry-Hungry Hippos.

4 Responses to East Grand Boulevard Methodist

  • Does anyone know who or what firm was the architect of East Grand Boulevard Methodist Church?

  • Hope those Hippos are hungry for plaster.

  • Yeah Jim – the A to B to C thing is what blows my mind too. What makes a patch of dirt different from 6 mile and Van Dyke than it is from 32 mile and Van Dyke ? Its is purely psychological at some points.

  • Well, I guess this congregation just couldn’t do all the good they could, for as long as they could and sustain themselves.

    Too bad the metro area has had the need to build area A to vacate it for area B to vacate it for area C.

    At least hungry hungry hippos will dwell in the house of the lord forever.

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