not all those who wander are lost

Local Roseville property owner and resident fine artist Gonzo paints airbrush rendered portraits of angelic deceased friends, family or loved ones. He lives above his studio on Gratiot and sells his work very inexpensively. Gonzo is very spiritual, and his artwork is filled with judeo-christian imagery.

(gonzos wall from 2003)

What a menace to society. Painting “love” and painting angels on his own building. Painting memorials to local police.

This is Gonzos wall after he rolled it with pink paint in protest.

Patriotic sticker on Gonzos window.

Angels at work……

6 Responses to GONZO !

  • I remember hanging out at Gonzo’s 1-2 times a week! Ed was such a great guy! I’ve moved to Cali, but everytime I go home to visit I have to at least drive by!

  • I called the shop next door to him, and the guy talked to him this morning. Jail time is anticipated between him and his attorney, but I’m still not sure over what. I’m going to go up there as soon as possible. I drew him something between earlier and now, that I was gonna leave up there on a piece of board, but now I may be able to give it to him. so. there’s the news. He is a really awesome guy. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it ticks me off that they do things like this. over what? art! pft! who cares!! it’s art! like you can’t see worse things elsewhere. besides…art can’t be sanctioned, and edited, and whathaveyou. then it’s not art, and don’t even get me started there, cause then i’ll march right up there and give them a piece of what I think and I’ve got a whole lot of spunk more than what I should have….**breathing steam through nostrils** k, think I might be a little good now…just a little. for now. maybe. just no sudden movements.

  • Hey Stefani –

    Yeah I dunno due – I went there today and looked, and it is boarded up, but it looks like hes still living there. The upper floor is not boarded up, and his mailbox is still on the door, and his stuff is still on his porch. I know he owns that property so it would take a bit of doing to get him out of it completely.

    I also think they dropped the whole boobpainting persecution thing after we got him on ArtBeat. The whole thing died down after that.

    Ask around and see if hes still living there – get ahold of me and we’ll go hang with Ed. Hes a very nice guy and real interesting.

  • I live down the street from gonzo, and have my entire life. I am a fellow artist, and I fell in love with his art at a young age. driving by the shop today, it is boarded up. including the door. in the one conversation we had, he mentioned to me that they may be making him go to jail. I’m suspecting over the sistine chapel peice showing the breasts. If it does not now, I know it did at one point. I encourage you, on gonzo’s behalf, as I KNOW he would have been up for the idea, decorate the boards boarding up his building. obviously DO NOTHING to the board which he has airbrushed, as that would be altering someone else’s art. but the rest of the blank ones, I should think, oil crayon would be very hard to clean up and cover up, and it’s my favorite tool… I sure can’t afford to get him out or get him a new heater dammit, but I’m behind him and his art as much as he himself is. If any of my pieces were in any condition to donate for any of his shows, I’d have done it. I was f’ing pissed when the city made him take down the original mural. Please. We Must Do Something!!!!!

  • I’m not sure how, but a painting of my younger brother was on this building. He passed away 16 years ago, when he was 11 years old. It’s such a shame that it had to be covered up because of stupid political bullsh*t. I’m sure there are bigger things to worry about than a mural on the side of a building. Come on! I could go on forever, but thank you for posting these pictures – I was able to show some of my family (who hadn’t seen the mural) where my brother’s picture was.

  • Debbie – you talkin about Gonzo ? Cause I didnt talk to you and wasnt there that night.

    Gonzo is the nicest guys youd ever want to meet.

    Just dont accuse him wrongly of trying to steal a senior discount at McDonalds ! Hahahaha