not all those who wander are lost

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  • I will definitely do that. This year the school is doing an interdisciplinary study of the city of Detroit. You should present to them. A couple of months ago they had Ernie Harwell and he spoke to a full house about his memories. Keep loving Detroit!

  • Hey Joanne – we’ll be there for the thursday night show. Next time youre there, look for my detroit photos displayed around the building !

  • We love your photos. My Dad was a cabbie downtown, just on Sundays, for extra money. He would have loved your site. North Farmington’s “Wizard of Oz” is this weekend. Please don’t miss it, we love your photos of the shows in the past. This year my daughter is “Dorothy” … do you think I’m up for that?

  • I LOVED the pics of Downtown Detroit. You alwayas remind me what I miss about not being down there everyday.

  • once again these are outstanding.